Carouge​​​​​​​ - Genève - Suisse -Édition 2021 de Europan 16
Concours d'idées
En collaboration avec Loïc Marti et Maruska Moritz (Atelier sérendipité
Transversales proposes to question the concept of ‘living city’ through the lens of landscape architecture based on the idea of “nature as structure” / “la nature structurante”. This project also addresses two other ideas: “give an identity to the area” / “donner une identité au secteur” and “open up / decompartmentalize” / “décloisonner”.
This project has the river Arve as starting point and honors the role this river has played in the geomorphologic formation of the Geneva territory. As a significant landscape characteristic in the identity of the area, the river somewhat remains discreet in the city; only its vegetation or the bridges that cross it indicate its presence. Far from the former image of the delta with its tumultuous waters that used to irrigate the alluvial plains of Geneva, the river Arve has lost of its impact and magnificence.
The river Arve – structure and identity